Adam 'Demon' Majcherek

Welcome to my website!
You will find here a little about me and about my projects.

About Me

My name is Adam Majcherek known as the TylkoDemon or Dεмøη.

I'm from Poland, I was born in 99, I'm a C# programmer and a game developer.

My adventure started about 6 years ago, so in this time i was started to learn unity engine. Currently, I have two projects for which i am spending my free time.

[GAME] Really Serious Assassin With Is Seriously Killing. Seriously.


In Development

Strategy game + tower defense. The game offers many scenarios during which the player can not allow the dummies to reach the goal. For this purpose, the player must create traps on the way to the goal. The player must also take care that the puppets do not run away, and the player will not be caught by locals or police.

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[GAME] Is sky the limit?


On Hold

Is sky the limit? It's survival multiplayer where the game takes place on a few islands close to each other. The player starts as a simple person and his goal is technological domination throughout the map.

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[Mod] Raft Multiplayer


Project Closed

An modification that allows to play with others.

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